The Battles

.Myself, my boyfriend, and my boyfriends cousin are setting out on the adventures in the unknown. We started ghost hunting on Saturday August 22, 2011. We went to a cemetery called "The New Hope Cemetery" located in Dallas, GA in the area of New Hope. We went there in search of the Hell Hole. This cemetery is located in an area of tragedy . A horrible civil war battle and a horrific plane crash. Both i will blog about later. We got lots of pictures of orbs from this cemetery. We then moved on to White Oak Cemetery off of Buchanan Hwy also located in Dallas, GA. We got a few pics of orbs there too. Monday August 29,2011, we decide to go check out a small unknown cemetery off a local road. We are going down to the cemetery and we pass a few houses. The first one we pass his cousin and I both say "wow that house looks creepy" and we drive on to the cemetery. The cemetery is a sad little cemetery with lots of unknown people in it. It has 8 named soldiers and 1 unknown soldier, all who served in the Battle of New Hope. There is also a little girl named Mary in the cemetery , Mary was only 4 years old when she died. We got again alot of orbs in those pictures. So we decide to leave and we all decide to pull in and just get some pics of the house. We took alot of pictures. My boyfriends cousin gets home and is looking at the pictures she sends me a message on Facebook and tells me to call her. She then tells me to check my email and look at the picture she sends me. She told me to blow up the front window and tell her what I see, and there in this abandoned house in the front window stands a woman looking right at us. I freaked of course not knowing what to think.  We meet again today to try and get more info on the house , we went up and down the road from house to house knocking on the door to no answer. Then we finally see a man outside and we stop and ask him, at first he knew nothing about it and then we told him we had caught something in a photo and he knew what house we were talking about.  He told us the name of the man who had lived there. We then thank him and we leave and go back to the house to get a few pictures during the day, not even 5 minutes after we get there the owner of the property shows up, he lives in a different county now and we asked him about the house, he told us his aunt lived there long ago and that he had inherited it and the two other homes around it.  We showed him the picture and he was shocked. He then allowed us to go inside the house and take a look inside Once we get home we take a look at all the pictures again and are looking at the same picture , we look at the side window and if you look closely you can see a young woman and a little boy looking back at you. We also have another picture of a little boy staring at us. The man  is allowing us to go back tonight , so I will tell you our findings from inside the house tomorrow.

A visit from "Bobo"

 SO lets get onto tonight's investigation. Tonight we went back to the house after getting permission from the owner. Who is a very sweet man and was willing to tell us about the house. The house was his aunts who married and raised her family in the house. We also learned of a man the call"Bobo", Bobo was in Vietnam and when he came back he lived in the house for a long time, it is still unknown if Bobo passed away in this house. I will have to reach that tonight. and let y'all know tomorrow.  Tonight we went out to the house about 9pm, it was dark and we started our investigation. We started out sending in 3 investigators and  letting them take photos inside the house. Our new investigator, had a few experiences inside the house, he saw a face stare back at him and he could also tell us where the spirit was. We got a few pictures with apparitions in them once again. We have a child standing next to one of us and also a man standing next to one of us. While they where inside investigating I was out talking to the neighbors about the owners of the house and the family history . They just new that the family had been around since the 1940's. They also told me about things they have seen at the house.  After they left we went in and did an  EVP session and took a few more pictures.  I will post the pictures tomorrow. , they are on my laptop.  We will be headed back there this weekend with the EMF reader will keep you informed. This weekend should be a blast we are going to lots of places.

A cemetery like no other

Tonight, we adventured into the unknown once again. We had got out new emf reader and wanted to try it out, so on this Thursday night, the first night of September, the moon shined on our adventure into another cemetery. the moon shined in a orange color it made this cemetery even creepier. This cemetery is huge, we makers dating way into the early 1800's. The tombstones are magnificent, ranging from small with no name to huge tower looking stones. Some of the graves site alone towards the woods while others are up on a hill or dawn the hill. We walked the whole cemetery , did a digital voice recording in two areas. took lots of pictures. tested our new device. as we were walking we came up to a section of the cemetery were all the sudden i feel tired and my stomach starts hurting our other investigator Chris's head starts to hurt, we look at the EMF reader which I am holding and It says 1.9 a very high reading , Kristy snaps pictures around us and the Emf goes back down to 0.0. As we walk away both Chris and myself start to feel better.  we will post pictures on the pictures page.

Friday night Unknowns